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AQ Gimel never sent free sample parcels as all the formula/size/quality/package of the samples are exactly same with private labelled products’, just without your logo printed. Please place sample order from our website if you want to test our products.

All our samples in private label line can be ordered from website directly. You need to sign up and verify your account first, then login, pick specific products you wanna test, choose “sample” on label section, add single items or sample kits into your cart, shipping cost will pop up automatically after you fill your address.

Private label order can be placed on our website directly. You need to sign up and verify your account first, then login, pick specific products you plan to private labelled, choose “private label” on label section, color code and quantity of each color, add them into your cart, shipping cost will pop up automatically after you fill your address(for parcels less than 2kg, 10kg or 50kg, different countries are different), if not, you can contact us and send your purchase list to our email( to check shipping cost in advance.

Sample order normally takes 3-5 business days to send out; private label order normally takes 5-7 business days to send out; contract manufacturing order normally takes months or years to complete, lead time may be extended during busy season(Oct., Nov., Dec. etc.). Shipping time depends on destination country and shipping method, orders placed on website normally takes 7-20 days for you to receive after we send your parcel out.

Our default shipping method is door-to-door delivery by air, shipping cost you saw on website when you are checking out is including custom clearence and VAT tax, which is actually more convenient and cost-effective for you compared with handling custom by your own. 

VAT Tax Rate of some countries for your reference: France: 20%; Germany: 19%; Greece: 24%; Ireland: 23%; Italy: 22%; Spain: 21%…

If you don’t wanna use the default shipping method, please contact us before placing order on website; if you have your own shipping agent in China who can carry goods for you, please fill their address, we offer free domestic shipping.

Makeup and skin care products belong to chemical category in international logistics and transportation. One key reason is the risk and safety measures involved in the chemicals transportation. These goods often require specialized handling and storage conditions, which translates to higher labor and handling fees. 

In addition, the packaging for chemical goods needs to be robust and secure to prevent leaks or spills, thus increasing the packaging costs.

Moreover, chemical goods may require specific transportation routes or methods to comply with regulatory and environmental policies, further adding to the complexity and cost of the route. Import and export taxes for chemical goods can also be higher due to their potentially hazardous nature.

Finally, fluctuations in global oil prices can impact the operational expenses of shipping companies, which are then passed on to customers through higher shipping rates. 

We support CMYK UV printing and metallic foil printing for private label orders, but printing techniques that you can use will be up to the quantity of each product.

Less than 100pcs per product: CMYK UV printing only;

100-300pcs per product: CMYK UV printing and single color metallic foil printing(support 8 colors: black,white,silver,gold,rose gold,red,green,and purple);

300-500pcs per product: CMYK UV printing, single color metallic foil printing and double color metallic foil printing(choose any 2 colors mixed from 8 colors of black,white,silver,gold,rose gold,red,green,and purple). 

More than 500pcs per product: Custom paper box with any kind of printing techniques(price will be quoted after finalizing your draft design, normal CMYK printing paper box is $0.3 per unit for 500pcs).

We mainly provide below manufacturing lines for cosmetics brand:

Private label order: Choose from our various standard pre-made white label products on website, mostly minimum is 10pcs to have your beauty logo printed, some require minimum 30pcs or 50pcs for a better printing effect.

Contract manufacturing: Custom formula, packaging, minimum is from 1000pcs to 12000pcs depends on specific product.

So how much you spend on your first order mainly depends on your estimated quantity, but we do have minimum spend on website which is $50(including shipping cost), considering international shipping fee is relatively high, we suggest you order more products to make your order more cost-effective.

Yes, we can accept drop shipping, but most of our clients would more like to choose the entirety of an order shipping to themselves due to expensive international shipping cost.

Absolutely! As long as the quantity you plan to order can meet our MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity).

MOQ of custom paper box: 500pcs

MOQ of custom formula/color/flavour: 1000pcs

MOQ of custom plastic container/tube: 12000pcs

MOQ of custom glass container/bottle: 20000pcs

Unit price(based on EXW terms) of a custom product depends on many factors such as quantity, formula(ingredients and their percentage), net weight of each unit, packaging(container and paper box) and printing technique, the exact quotation can be given only after we collect enough information. However, we can give you some estimated ranges(not including shipping cost) here as a reference first:

Custom eyeshadow cardboard palette(MOQ 500pcs or above): $1,500-$5,000(or above)

Custom formula for single product(MOQ 1000pcs): $3,000-$8,000(or above)

Custom plastic/glass packaging for single product(MOQ 12000pcs or above): $15,000-$30,000(or above)

We prefer your logo or design in vector file, if you don’t have, pls make sure your logo or design is in form of png.(no background).

Different countries and regions have their own different policies, we would like to suggest you consult professional third-party companies about official files of doing local or multi-places business required from government before doing contract manufacturing projects. We will also provide our best assistance as your supplier in terms of products. The more preparation you have done, the more profits you gonna make once you really start business.

We support PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Stripe, Wise, and bank transfer for private label order; bank transfer only for contract manufacturing order. Full payment required before doing draft design for private label orders, shiping cost should be cleared before shipping out; 70% as deposit before doing draft design for contract manufacturing orders, due balance and shipping fee should be cleared before shipping out.

Because your private label order is customized and we can’t resell your purchased products, so we don’t accept any return for private label or contract manufacturing orders after bulk production started; 50% of the order amount can be returned before bulk production(during making draft design or after draft design sent).

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