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How are eyeshadow palettes made?

How are eyeshadow palettes made? There are mainly 2 different eyeshadow palette according to different production process, custom palette...

Eyeshadow palettes can be divided into two categories, according to the different production process: contract manufacturing eyeshadow palette, and private label eyeshadow palette. Next we gonna talk about how are eyeshadow palettes made respectively:

Contract manufacturing eyeshadow palette:

In the birth process of a fully customize eyeshadow palette, the most complicated part is the front-end research and development, from the development of single raw materials, to the development of composite raw materials, and then to the verification link. In this stage, as a brander, you can create your own formula, if you have related chemical knowledge, but in most cases, branders will just outsource the formula creation process to the manufacturer directly, so that they can focus on branding and marketing.

The formation of the formula also has to go through a small test and a pilot test. Makeup artists have used millions of experiments to find a suitable balance among countless viscosities. With good raw materials and airflow grinding technology, we constantly polish and iterate products, and finally achieve a balance between skin feel, makeup feel, and makeup effect.

In the spacious and bright modern factory, many large-scale precision machines are neatly lined up to “stand”, and at intervals, there are technicians in aseptic operation suits, either busy mixing powder colors, concentrating on putting Control the quality, or checking the experimental data with the prototype. These seemingly simple but complicated steps are interlinked, and after going through the entire assembly line, qualified colorful eyeshadow palettes are made one by one.

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Private label eyeshadow palettes:

The process of making a private label eyeshadow palette is much easier, compared with fully customizing your own formula and packaging. Pick up eyeshadow pressed powders with a standard formula that the manufacturer’s laboratory provided, then choose from a variety of empty paper palettes, the factory will finally assemble finished eyeshadow palettes for you. Start your own private label eyeshadow palette now?

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