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How to differentiate a cosmetic brand?

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Differentiate Your Cosmetic Brand

How to Differentiate Your Cosmetic Brand?

The sameness will only bring about aesthetic fatigue. When you mention a certain category of cosmetics, how can you make your audience think of you first? Just like when it comes to perfume they think of Chanel, when it comes to lipstick they think of Dior, when it comes to watches they think of Rolex etc. Philosopher Blenitz said: There are no two identical leaves in the world. Likewise, each cosmetic brand should be unique, with its own story, philosophy, style, and flagship products. With uniqueness, there is differentiation; with differentiation, there is competitiveness; only with competitiveness can we stand out. So how to differentiate your cosmetic brand is the first and the most important thing you should think about before practically starting doing your own cosmetic business.

Finding differentiated value and creating differentiated brand positioning can start from the following aspects:

1. Seize the Opportunity in the Segmented Market:

There are several market segments in any field. Based on customer segmentation, we can dig into customer class, age, income, region, occupation, etc.; based on product segmentation, we can divide cosmetics into skin care products, make-up, makeup tools, etc. In fact, our market segment is related to competitors. They didn’t think about it, and didn’t do it. We thought about it, and did it, and are willing to continue to work hard on it. Then this market segment has a high probability of being ours.

what is Segmented Market?

2. Leverage your Opponent:

 In fact, the relationship with our competitors is not “life or death”, we must be good at using the strength of our opponents to maximize our own interests. This is essentially a “Nash Equilibrium” win-win. Putting yourself with people with relatively more energy is obviously more likely to affect the user’s mind and accelerate their own development. However, if your strength is too weak compared with your opponent, it is not suitable to use this strategy.

3. Inject Soul into your Brand:

In today’s highly developed industrialization and informatization, the threshold of producing or selling products is not that high, and almost anyone can imitate your product or packaging. In order to be truly competitive, the key is to inject soul into your brand, that is to implant your thoughts, values. No matter how gorgeous the product packaging is, if there is no soul, there is no vitality, and it is easy to be copied and imitated by competitors.

4. Provide Customers with a Sense of Value

The sense of value does not equal value, but makes customers feel that “you are valuable”, or “you can bring value to me”. First, you have to have real strength or be able to create value, and second, find a way to make others see you over and over again so that they think you are a trustworthy person.

No matter what industry you are in, building a brand is a long term and lonely process. As a founder, in addition to meticulously controlling product quality and mastering various marketing methodologies, more importantly, don’t forget about who you are, and don’t lose yourself in this long and a bit even tormenting process. Let your brand offer not only fantastic products, but also emotional value that is able to empower and inspire others mentally.


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